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Online dating is dead, try this simply adult website and see how easy it is to find the company you're looking for. Women test this site report that allows them to find sex 140% easier than other dating sites. This dating community website can actually find you singles and people looking to fuck right now. It takes less than 60 seconds to set up your profile on our dating portal and start browsing singles on our website.

It's no surprise that most u hit it users make contact with new matches and find local hookups right away. Best of all, membership is now free for men (spaces are limited in order to keep the ratio of men and women optimal). If you're looking to finally get the sex you deserve, in under 15 minutes, then read every word on this landing page.

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You've been lied to, dating websites are not going to get you laid. However, once you tap the u hit it login button, you'll see how easy it is to find dtf girls looking to drop everything on their schedule and come blow you. You're going to have so much pussy on tap, you might even let your homeboy hit it. U hit it dating totally revolutionizes that way guys like you and me get sex.

Once you start to use u hit it, you'll never need another dating website again. The profiles contained in this website are exclusively interested in casual hookups. Click the link below, answer 3 quick questions and enter your email to get instant access to this brand new find and fuck website. Ready to setup your profile?

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Super simple signup page - answer 3 step questions to see if you qualify for free access. Create your account with your email address, no credit card information required.

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With over 6 million members, we guarantee that you'll find someone you're interested in. Communication with members and tags is absolutely free, even get girl's phone numbers and email. Find a profile you're interested in, use tags or comments and ask to fuck. Finally, find casual encounters with ease.

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Our members love to upload sexy photos. Explore sexy member uploads by tags, or make comments on profile. Search and review the Dating Pool by Categories, Tags, and More.

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It's no surprise that many male members use uhitit to find winners. is a powerful matchmaker dating site and the test winner that's able to use AI to find the best profiles, tags, and members just for for you.
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I've tried a lot of dating apps, and nearly gave up with using them to get laid. Since I found UHitIt, I've been able to give up my search for the best app. I got laid the first night I signed up, and have been hooking up with a few chicks regularly ever since. Thanks UHitIt, your app has totally changed my life!

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Still Have Questions?

Most of you probably already know what uhitit is all about. But for those of you who need more help to understand this new-age lingo, we've included some report definitions, questions, and answers that people may need to get the picture.

What does I hit it mean?

I hit it, means, in layman terms, that you had sex or hooked up with "it", "it" in general refers to a woman, but can also refer to men and non-binary individuals. Popularized by Ariana Grande's lyric "u can hit it in the morning" from song Break Up with Your Girlfriend, "hit it" has become a ubiquitous term used in daily life.

What does want to hit it mean?

Want to hit it, simply, means that you're interested in engaging in sexual relations with that person. Commonly used as "I'd hit it" to indicate that you would be willing and able to engage in sexual relations with the person you're referring to.

What does let you hit it mean?

Let you hit it, means that the person is willing to allow coitus to occur. "I’mma let you hit free” the song popularized by DDLG ppcaine has even become a popular TikTok song and challenge.

Can I hit it again meaning?

Can It hit it is a common approach to asking for sexual relations when approaching women. Simply find a woman and ask "can I hit it?" - her answer will indicate if a hookup can proceed. Asking if you can it is commonplace now and can help accelerate the path to romantic membership.

Is legit?

Maybe you've read a review and didn't like what you saw. While is the dating community test winner of the 2021 AVN (a subsidiary of ibill media ltd, all rights reserved) contest, we recommend that you use the uhitit app if you're looking to hookup in real life. For a full review and reviews of other test winner dating sites please see our blog. Some users have said that uhitit is a subscription rip off and that they found fake profiles in the members area. If you'd like to make a comment, comment often. If you believe is a scam then we'd like to hear from you. If you believe the site is a scam, simply submit a support ticket or scam review on our site to get in touch with an operator. Bromet close Watford Hertfordshire wd17 4lp, all rights reserved.